Purpose of Life

Allah has created human beings for some purpose that is why he has blessed human beings with the power of thinking and given them full control on all the resources in the world.

Now one can think what is the purpose of life and how can we know about the exact purpose of life. Is it only living, eating, drinking and sleeping ? There are lot of other creatures doing the same thing like animals, birds and insects.

To teach human beings about the purpose of life Allah(SWT) had sent Prophets and Holy Books. They told us how should we spend our life and what should be our goal. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the last Prophet among all and Holy Quran is the last Holy Book among all.

In Holy Quran Allah(SWT) says that i created human beings so that they worship me.

Successful people are those who follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and Holy Quran. Those who follow are called muslims. A muslim have to obey Allah(SWT) and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

So the purpose of our lives must be that we follow the teachings of Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) because they guide us towards the success and the path which is most suitable for human beings.

Allah(SWT) says in the  Holy Quran  that Islam is the religion selected by me for human beings and do not die without accepting Islam. Allah says that Islam is a blessing towards human beings.

That is why peoples from all around the world are converting to Islam because it guides towards the right path to success and teaches us the purpose of life as a human being. We must not spend our life blindly but must concentrate  that why Allah created us.

Before sending human beings on earth Allah(SWT) has taken an agreement from all the human beings that were going to be sent on earth that do you agree that i am your Lord ? Everyone agreed that yes you are our Lord.

Allah(SWT) then said that i am going to send you on earth for some time period then you will back in front of me so follow my instructions i shall send through my Prophets and beware of Devil who is your enemy so do not follow him in any case.

Anyone of you who follow me will be in heaven for ever and who do not follow will be in jahanum for ever. So that is very important agreement we all have made in front of our lord so we must follow it.

Every one must have to accept Islam and the last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) now.The one who follow is called a muslim and will get lot of rewards for this which are not even imaginable.

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) once said that anyone who listens about me and do not accept me as a last Prophet and do not follow me, will surely go into the Hell. May Allah(SWT) guides us towards Islam and bless us with Paradise, Aameen.

This is what our purpose of life must be that we fulfill our agreement with Allah(SWT) and show complete sincerity towards our Lord.

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