Holy Quran Learning

Holy Quran Learning
Holy Quran Learning, Ibn Masood narrated in a Hadhees: When anyone of us learned ten verses of the Quran, he did not proceed further unless he had known what they meant and what action they demanded .

Merciful Lord has granted us Quran because of His immense love towards us. Who are those who yield tremendous affection from Allah? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, Amongst mankind are the People of Allah. Who are they O Prophet of Allah? They are the People of the Quran-(they are) the People of Allah.

There is a powerful monition by Ibn Masud: “The Quran was revealed to you to act upon. So translate your recitation into action. There are men among you who recite the Quran from first to last and do not omit a single word therefrom but they do not translate it into action”.

Importance of Holy Quran learning is so much that you not only get the rewards in this world but also in the life hereafter. There is a prophet saying (PBUH) that among the people best are those who learn and teach Holy Quran.

It is important to learn Holy Quran because it is a message from Allah towards us so that we know that which is the right path and which is the wrong path. Holy Quran learning is recommended for all people of all age.