Why Holy Quran

Why Holy Quran ?  We should learn Holy Quran so that we know what our Allah wants from us , what is the right path for life and what is the wrong path we should avoid. All these points contribute to the point why Holy Quran .

We have Masha Allah lots of  educated preachers offering their services all over the world to convey people the message of Allah, who guides people towards the right path in the light of Holy Quran and last prophet Muhammad(PBUH) Sunnah.

We have some audios here based on the concept why Holy Quran and why should we learn Holy Quran. There is one audio related to Aqeedah Toheed ( That Allah is the one whom we should worship , pray and praise). This word has vast and huge meanings in it, hopefully by listening to the audio we will be able to understand its concept and meaning.

The lectures below will focus on the point that among all the books – Why Holy Quran is important to understand and act upon because it is the last book from Allah(SWT) sent towards last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and it is a complete code of life for success and glory.

Dr Zakir Naik Lectures (Listen Online)

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