Islam FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q : What is Islam

A: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. The word Islam literally means ‘Peace and surrender to the will of Allah(SWT) the Creator’.

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) received revelation from Allah in which he was told that Islam is the final and most complete religion for mankind. The followers of Islam are called Muslims.

Islam’s holy book is The Holy Qur’an and this was revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). It is a source of complete guidance. Its teachings are in agreement with human nature. Islam is a religion revealed for the whole of mankind for all time to come.

Q: What is the Quran?

A: The Quran is the Last Revelation from Allah. It was revealed in the pure Arabic language to the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and has been kept preserved and unchanged in its original form.

Q: How can i become a muslim?

A: There are two declarations to become a muslim.

1- To bear witness that no one deserves to be worship except Allah

2- To bear witness that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah.

This makes a person Muslim. But it should be said in Arabic. Next a person takes a shower, and He/She is a Muslim.

Q: What benefits i shall get by reading Holy Quran and following Islam?

A: Holy Quran will give you the knowledge you need to understand the purpose of life and this universe. You are able to understand the right path of life and the rewards that you will get if you follow it and information about the punishment if you follow the wrong path. Islam is the religion selected by Allah(SWT) for us. The creator is the best that can select a path for us.

Q: Do you think lie, polytheism or falsehood is at stake now?

A: Yes it is. Time is very near when Jesus Christ will come as a follower of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). He will land in Syria and ask all the people to accept Islam. As a result every single human being on earth will accept Islam. People believe that Jesus Christ was hanged but it is not the actual case. When Jews were following him to kill him Allah has lifted Jesus Christ up on the sky and given shape of Jesus Christ to one of the follower. Jews hanged him up thinking that he is Jesus Christ.

Q: What are the major beliefs of the Muslims ?

A:The six major beliefs in Islam, as understood by the majority of Muslims, are:

  • belief in God;
  • belief in angels;
  • belief in God’s prophets/messengers;
  • belief in God’s revelations in the form of holy scriptures sent to the messengers;
  • belief in an afterlife that follows the Day of Judgment on which people will be held accountable for their actions and compensated accordingly in the afterlife; and
  • belief in God’s divine will and His knowledge of what happens in the world.

Q: How do Muslims practice their faith ?

A: Muslims practice their faith in many different ways, but the major practices are known as the Five Pillars, which include:

  • the profession of faith, namely that there is only one God and that Muhammad(PBUH) is the Messenger of God;
  • the five daily prayers;
  • required annual donation to charity in the amount of 2.5% of one’s excess wealth;
  • fasting during daylight hours in the month of Ramadan; and
  • making a pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime, if one is mentally, physically, and financially able to do so.

Q: What does Islam teach ?

A: There are six major beliefs in Islam and five central practices that are referred to as the Five Pillars.

Islam focuses on the cultivation of excellent moral character to better oneself and the world around oneself. It teaches a set of values that promote life, liberty, equality and justice. Some of these values include:

  • Respect for the earth and all creatures
  • Care and compassion for those less fortunate
  • The importance of seeking knowledge
  • Honesty and truthfulness in word and deed
  • Striving continuously to improve oneself and the world

Q: What does Islam say about satan?

A: Satan (Shaytan in Arabic) is believed to be a third type of creation, in addition to humans and angels, known as a “jinn.” Humans are said to have been made from clay, angels from light, and jinn from fire. While the Qur’an teaches that some jinn are good and submit to God, it states that others, such as Iblis or Shaytan (Satan), try to tempt people to do evil, as in the belief about Satan in traditional Christian theology.

Q: What is the Ka’bah?

A: The Ka’bah is the cube-shaped building covered with a black cloth in Mecca that is believed by Muslims to have been the first house of worship to God. Muslims throughout the world face towards the Ka’bah when they perform each of their daily prayers.