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Holy Quran is in Arabic language but it has its translations in lot of languages, you can read translations but you should also try to read it in Arabic language because it has lot of benefits.

If you are not a muslim, click here to check how you can become a muslim and you will enter into a new and amazing way of life which is pure , peaceful and healthy.  Holy Quran and Prophet(PBUH) Sayings (Hadees) will guide you in each and every step of life.

By Following Islam you will get huge benefits and awards not in this world but also in the life hereafter. Holy Quran and Last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) sayings ( Hadees) mentioned those benefits and awards. Islam is the religion selected by Allah for us.

Before Islam people were dying with sins, there was no respect for women. Islam gave lot of rights to women and protect her with various relationships.

That is why a huge amount of people who saw or listen about Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his followers, was so much impressed and converted to Islam.

Contact Quran easy for more information and guidance related to Holy Quran, there are lot of topics, research and discussions about Holy Quran.

It will be very great to have relation with the Holy Quran , Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) (Hadees & Sunnah) and his followers and any team who is working or making an effort to convey its message to the people.